Ashley Bagg, the force behind Ashley Nadalin (her maiden name) Designs grew up in small town Ontario. 

Having always had an eye for fashion, it wasn't until she moved across the country to Calgary, Alberta that she really developed a creative outlet for the ideas in her head. 

Self taught, and widely encouraged, Ashley chose wood as the base material for all of her work. The imperfections, colours, textures and the workability of the different cuts of wood are what draw her to create both statement and every day designs. 

In the Winter of 2013, Ashley sold her first piece and has been designing and creating, from her home based studio in Calgary, ever since. 


The Process


Ashley's philosophy is to not make anything that, she herself, wouldn't wear. While discreetly staying on top of the latest trends, Ashley is a lifelong fan of classic, chic, and simple. 

"Purchasing the wood is the first step" although it doesn't always result in a win. Some woods are either too finicky, too soft, too hard (cue Goldie Locks) and unfortunately get tossed aside. 

With a general idea, brought about by fashion and architecture combined, Ashley proceeds to her workbench to hand cut, hand sand and hand polish, until her idea has come to fruition.